The Northern Film Festival

This November, the city of Leeuwarden will revolve around cinema for a grand total of five days. Strutting an amazing programme that zooms in on the north up close and far away, the Northern Film Festival brings you momentous all-audience cinema, subtle gems for true cinephiles, special premieres featuring international guests, music films, food films and many, many more cinematic highlights. The most sensational and most recent there is to offer in northern cinema, right here in the very heart of Friesland.

The festival programme is divided into multiple sections. In the Northern Focus cinematic pearls from Northern Europe are highlighted. From Iceland, via Ireland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands to Scandinavia and the Baltic states. The festival also zooms in on local talent in the new competitive programme Noorderkroon and the spectacular 48 Hour Film Project. In the side programme Insight Europe more ‘exotic’ films from the rest of Europe are screened.

We also present Sounds & Cinema, a continuously developing programme in which music meets film in a multitude of ways. There are Film & Food events and a small Midnight Madness programme in which we present late night horror films. Together with the Frisian Film Archive we present The Classic Show of Shows: a variété and circus programme consisting of several films, classics and performances. Naturally, all of the above is accompanied with an impressive live music programme inbetween screenings and an unforgettable afterparty in the weekend.

English descriptions of our films can be found here in our  English Film Programma NFF2016 or at the programme page.