Filmkick Competition

Submit your own film plan and script for a chance to win €10,000 to make your film a reality! With this competition, the Noordelijk Film Festival provides a stepping stone and a platform for talented filmmakers. The competition is broadly open to short film plans involving fiction, documentary, art, animation or music video.

Winnaar Filmkick competitie 2023 Noordelijk Film Festival Maria Stuut

The deadline for Filmkick 2023 is the 1st of october

If you are not a Frisian maker, then it is important to include another link to Friesland in the film plans. This can be done, for example, by filming on a location in Friesland or working with a Frisian crew or actor(s), including the Frisian language in the script, etc. That choice is up to you.

The timeline of the Filmkick Competition is detailed below. Filmmakers have until 1st of October 2023 to submit a film plan. The winner will be announced at the Noordelijk Film Festival in November 2023. The film plans will be assessed by a professional jury composed of Dutch film professionals.

Do you win? Then you will receive the cash prize of €10,000, made available by the Province of Fryslân. This budget may be supplemented by up to €5,000 of own/other funding (recommended). With the amount of up to €15,000, you have to realise the film, as described in the plan. So you have about 10 months, so the film can premiere at the festival in 2024.

Meeuwen schreeuwen in het weekend premiere Filmkick 2022 Noordelijk Film Festival

This is how you join

First, read everything below carefully! The timeline, what all needs to be covered in your film plan, what are the substantive criteria the jury members will judge the plan on and the contractual terms.

Then get to work on your plan that addresses all the points below and clearly shows how the substantive criteria will be met. Done? Then submit your film plan by October 1st. Please note that we would like to receive it as follows:

  • 1 pdf of up to 35 pages containing your complete film plan, including script
  • The file is called ‘Naam Filmmaker – Filmtitel.pdf’
  • You mail it to
  • The subject of your email is: ‘Inzending Filmkick Competitie 2023’

Each submission will be acknowledged ASAP upon receipt, so if you don’t receive an acknowledgement, please contact us to see if the submission went well. If the file is too large to be attached to the mail, you can use WeTransfer. We recommend submitting the plan a few days before the deadline so that a final check for completeness can take place and the plan can be submitted one more time for improvement if necessary.


When you decide to join
Send an email to that we can expect a plan from you before the deadline
Sunday 1st of October 2023
Deadline to submit plan
8 to 12 November 2023
Award ceremony at the Noordelijk Film Festival
November to augustus
Film making
Sunday 1st of september 2024
Deadline rough cut (and deadline notification Noorderkroon)*
Sunday 29st of september 2024
Deadline final film (send screening link to programmers)**
Donderdag 31st of october 2024
Deadline to deliver film on DCP
Noordelijk Film Festival 2024
World premiere at the Noordelijk Film Festival***
Noorderkroon awards Noordelijk Film Festival

* If the makers wish to enter the Noorderkroon competition with this film, the film must be submitted via the Noorderkroon programme’s submission form by the 1st September at the latest, and use this form to submit at least a screening link of a ‘rough cut’. Only then the film can also be nominated for the North Crown awards.

** After seeing your short film, the programmer will decide where and when your film runs during the festival.

*** As a winner, you will receive a total of 25 free tickets for your own cast and crew and any other guests to the premiere.


Filmplan and -script

  • Brief introduction to the plan with your own motivation for making the film, entering this competition and what the link to Friesland is
  • (Working) title of film, logline, synopsis (max 250 words) and estimated length of film (minimum 3, maximum 10 minutes)
  • Information on the form of the film, such as camera work, sound, set design and sources of inspiration (possibly mood board)
  • Character descriptions and casting plan
  • Overview of previous work by the director and/or producer
  • Clear and realisable production planning (November 2023 to October 2024), with explanations where necessary
  • An elaborated budget based on the prize money (€10,000), possibly supplemented by up to €5,000 of other funding to be realised (please explain)
  • The script (scenario)
Juryleden Filmkick competitie Noordelijk Film Festival

Criteria on which the judges assess your plan

  • The subject is topical (current affairs)
  • The script is original (originality)
  • The production plan and budget are realistically designed (realisability)
  • The plan exudes artistic quality
  • There is a relevant link to Friesland

Win that €10.000?

Email us that you are participating or submit your plan right away!

How did the winners fare?

Filmkick Wall of Fame

Winnaar Filmkick 2023 Remco Efdé via telefoon en producer Karim Hamad Noordelijk Film Festival

Remco Efdé with ‘SMOG’

2022 // Filmkick winner #9

Remco Efdé won this Filmkick with his plan and script for the film SMOG. SMOG is about three opportunistic revolving-door criminals who drive on a foggy New Year’s Eve to a mysterious rendezvous that could change their lives. With arguments between them, events that are difficult to explain and the dense fog, they get increasingly lost. The film will be spoken in the urban dialect Liwwadders and shot with local cast and crew.

Winnaar-Filmkick-Competitie-Skutsje  Maria Stuut noordelijk film festival

Maria Stuut with ‘Skûtsje’

2021 // Filmkick winner #8

On the final evening of the 41st edition of the Noordelijk Film Festival, the 8th winner of the Filmkick was announced: Maria Stuut, with her plan for the film ‘Skûtsje’. This short film premiered at NFF 2022, titled ‘Meeuwen schreeuwen in het weekend’.

Hensen-Brothers-met-Filmkick-prijs-winnaar noordelijk film festival

The Hensen Brothers with ‘Steengoed’

2020 // Filmkick winner #7

In 2020, The Hensen Brothers won with their plan ‘Steengoed’. Due to the corona pandemic, the film could not be made in 2020, but it was still realised in alternative form (as animation) in 2021. Steengoed premiered at the 41st edition of the Northern Film Festival 2021.

Sven Peetoom & Dobber Bolhuis met ‘Fietsvakantie’ winnaar filmkick competitie noordelijk film festival

Sven Peetoom & Dobber Bolhuis with ‘Fietsvakantie’

2019 // Filmkick winner #6

In 2019, Sven Peetoom and producer Dobber Bolhuis won with their plan ‘Fietsvakantie’. The film will premiere on the closing night of the 40th Northern Film Festival on Sunday, 10 November 2019.

Rutger Veenstra met ‘Nei de dûns’ winnaar filmkick competitie noordelijk film festival

Rutger Veenstra with ‘Nei de dûns’

2018 // Filmkick winner #5

In 2018, Rutger Veenstra won the award, henceforth called ‘The Filmkick’, for his film plan ‘Nei de dûns’. Due to personal circumstances, this film could not yet be realised for the 2018 festival, but it premiered on the opening night of the 40th Noordelijk Film Festival in 2019.

Niels Bourgonje met ‘Skógafoss’ winnaar filmkick competitie noordelijk film festival

Niels Bourgonje with ‘Skógafoss’

2017 // Filmkick winner #4

This time Niels Bourgonje took the €10,000 and realised Skógafoss. The film was successfully shot in Iceland with a well-known Dutch cast (Martijn Lakemeier, Gaite Jansen and Anneke Blok) and had its world premiere at the 38th NFF ahead of the sold-out opening film. The film has since travelled the world with almost 50 festival selections and 14 awards in its pocket.

Froukje van Wengerden en Julia Schellekens with ‘Ik was pas 14’

2016 // Filmkick winner #3

This time, director Froukje van Wengerden and producer Julia Schellekens won the award. They were also presented with their Dutch Film Academy diploma on the same day! So a great start for making an independent short film. The artful documentary gloriously premiered on the opening night of the 37th NFF and screened at the Rotterdam Open Screen and has been selected for ShortCutz Amsterdam, the Euregion Film Festival and Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer.

3mensenvindeneenauto-750x442 filmkick competitie noordelijk film festival

Het Collectief with ‘Drie mensen vinden een auto’

2015 // Filmkick winner #2

In 2015, these young Frisians won; Max Lunter (director), Hidde de Vries, Domenica Tundo (producer), Wessel de Vries (screenplay), Ali Zijlstra, Bart Harder, Nuria Zantman (actors) and René Thie (composer). ‘Drie mensen vinden een auto’ was allowed to open the 36th edition of the NFF as a pre-film in a packed Aegon auditorium and has been screened by various film festivals and theatres across the country.

Christiaan-van-duuren-nff-prijsuitreiking-750x442 Filmkick competitie

Christian van Duuren with ‘Tussentijd’

2014 // Filmkick winner #1

Christian van Duuren’s beautiful short film Tussentijd won the first edition and opened the 35th NFF that year. The film then travelled past many film festivals at home and abroad and was shown on NPO. Moreover, Van Duuren received a ‘Wildcard’ from Filmfonds, an amazing incentive prize worth €80,000 to make the next film without restrictions!