Youth panel

Young NFF

In 2023, we will establish our first youth panel, consisting of six enthusiastic Gen Z’ers from the north.

Twee jonge mensen

Why a youth panel?

The Noordelijk Film Festival is in the process of rejuvenating. And we don’t want to do that by inventing for Gen Z what young people like, but by inventing it with them. The festival is known for its good atmosphere. This year, we like to make sure Gen Z also feels at home with us.

What is the youth panel going to do?

  • Devise and organise more activities besides film. For example, we are still looking for a cool event or party for the Thursday night in our festival heart, Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie.
  • Thinking along about the film programme. Which films will attract more young people?
  • Participate in the Noordelijk Film Festival social team. During the festival, the youth panel will help us report on our social media channels.
  • Providing your own input is more than welcome!