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After the festival, we send out an audience survey every year. Following these surveys, we have collected the most frequently asked questions and answered them below. Still have a burning question for which the answer is not listed? Mail to


The pass was abolished in 2014 as it no longer worked to the satisfaction of all users. One reason is the difference in hall sizes at De Harmonie and Slieker. Discounted tickets can be bought with a discount card or a strip card.

Tickets for the opening night are a bit more expensive than a regular movie. This is because you also get more for it: free cloakroom, snacks and drinks afterwards and a festive act.

We have a so-called ‘ruilzuil’ (exchange kiosk) next to the box office in De Harmonie every year. Here you can offer tickets for exchange to other visitors.

Please wait a very short time first, sometimes there is a slight delay between ordering and receiving tickets. Then check your spam filter or junk folder. Still nothing? Then contact us by e-mail. Please note which e-mail address you order tickets with, the tickets will be sent to that e-mail address.

Yes, you can. Make sure you have already opened the tickets on your mobile phone and make sure the barcode is zoomed in. Also, your display should be as bright as possible. This will allow the audience attendants at the door to scan your tickets as quickly as possible.

When you see this message, or, “To protect your privacy, some content in this message has been blocked. If you are sure this message is from a trusted sender and want to re-enable the blocked features, click here.” you can simply open the e-mail. These notifications have to do with your mail programme’s security settings, some are stricter than others.

No reservations can be made, tickets must be paid online directly, or can be bought at the box offices during the festival.

First, check that you haven’t accidentally copied a space or colon when cutting and pasting your new password. Also, you only need to click ‘forgot password’ once. By the way, you can change the password automatically generated by the system by clicking ‘welcome, [je e-mailadres]‘ at the top right. Here you can manage your account.

When you buy a strip card, you must first complete payment for the strip card. After that, you can log in again and the card type ‘strip card’ will appear. Sometimes this takes a very short time, this is due to the website’s ‘cache’. In other words, the website remembers the latest data. Then it helps to close the browser, reopen and log in again. Some browsers are a bit more persistent in remembering these details. In some cases, it is therefore even necessary to reboot the entire computer.

The same goes for discount cards.

At checkout, enter your promotional code in the Promotional Code field. Don’t forget to select the number of tickets. Please note that free tickets must also be paid for.

We offer the discount card for one or two people. The card can be bought by one person and then up to one or two discount tickets can be ordered for each film (depending on whether you have purchased a 1 or 2-person discount card). Only one discount card can be bought per e-mail account. This is because the discount card is linked to the account and entitles you to one or two discount tickets per card. Therefore, if you want to buy multiple tickets (for one or two people), you should also use multiple e-mail addresses. NFF Friends and Friends of Slieker can also purchase a discount ticket for two this year. Information on this has been sent by e-mail.

You have one hour for the entire transaction. The error message appears when you try to checkout the cards after more than an hour. An order must be completed and paid for within an hour.

In principle, we do not give refunds and purchased tickets will not be exchanged. Exceptions can only be made in serious personal circumstances. In this case, send an e-mail to


You can reserve wheelchair spaces up to one day in advance at A limited number of wheelchair spaces are available per hall or venue. See an overview below:

De Harmonie grote zaal (large hall) – 4 wheelchair spaces
De Harmonie middenzaal (middle hall) – 4 wheelchair spaces
De Harmonie bovenzaal (upper hall) – 4 wheelchair spaces
Slieker blauwe zaal (blue hall) – 6 wheelchair spaces
Slieker roze zaal (pink hall) – 2 wheelchair spaces
Slieker groene zaal (green hall) – 2 wheelchair spaces
Pathé – 2 wheelchair spaces
Neushoorn Arena – 4 wheelchair spaces
Neushoorn grote zaal (big hall) – 4 wheelchair spaces

from 26 October to November 7:

For general enquiries, please mail to

Voor algemene vragen kunt u mailen naar


From November 8 till 12:

In addition to the above options, we can also be reached by phone on these days at 058-20 50 333 from 10am to 9pm and Sunday 12 November from 10am to 7pm.

We cannot publish the entire list on the screens because of its length, but also because we choose to emphasise positivity (most rated films) and excitement (top 5 only).

Wilhelminaplein has a guarded bike park where you can park your bike for free for up to 7 days. Do check the opening hours.

There are two car parks close to the festival venues: Zaailand car park and Oldehove car park. Both are within walking distance of the festival.

From Leeuwarden station, the festival locations can be reached on foot in 5 to 10 minutes. Bus line 6 is the only line that stops at both Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie and Wilhelminaplein. Other options are Harlingersingel stop: line 74, 154, 60, 66 (8 min walk) and Wissesdwinger stop: line 612 (13 min walk).

On the News page, you will always find an item with current changes during the festival.


Our programmer visits various film festivals at home and abroad and watches many films through, for example, FestivalScope (a streaming service for film professionals) and through screening links provided by film institutes, producers, sales agents and distributors. The films are selected on the basis of surprising and aesthetically impressive cinematographic qualities, but also on the basis of content characteristics, such as geographical origin or theme. A diverse selection of films that fit the Nordic Focus and the other programme elements of the Noordelijk Film Festival will be made. In addition, a good balance is continuously sought so that there is a suitable offer for various target groups each time. For the regional programme Noorderkroon will be selected on the basis of submissions.

There are all sorts of well-considered reasons for putting a film in a large or small venue at a particular time of day. It depends, for example, on the film itself, the languages/subtitles accompanying the film or the price agreement with the distributor or sales agent. The number of films we want to screen is large and every year we strive to distribute the film screenings as well as possible across the days and the halls of the festival. That puzzle is difficult to make in such a way that it is perfect for everyone. Please assume there was a good reason to screen a film in a small venue.

The Noordelijk Film Festival programmes a unique and special programme with many new films and films from parts of the world not often seen in the Netherlands. We want to distinguish ourselves from other film festivals and from the regular programming in Dutch cinemas and film theatres. This means that we select many international films that have not been bought by Dutch distributors for screenings in Dutch cinemas and film theatres – and are therefore not subtitled in Dutch. There are many good films being made worldwide that remain under the radar in our country. We are giving a selection of these a stage by importing these films to Leeuwarden especially for the festival. This will give visitors a unique opportunity to see films you would otherwise be unlikely to come across. That does mean that many films at the Northern Film Festival are English subtitled. We would love to have all those films subtitled in Dutch. However, this is not possible because it is too costly. In 2018, it was possible to have a few films subtitled to increase the offer with Dutch subtitles. Besides the imported international films, we supplement the programme with suitable films from Dutch distributors that are subtitled in Dutch and films from our own region.

Because the festival has chosen to specialise and profile itself as a film festival with a broad Northern European focus. So the biggest programme sections (Noordse focus and Noorderkroon) consist of films from this region. In this way, the festival stands out from other festivals in the Netherlands and has a unique value.

We choose to focus on the North because of our own geographical location in the Netherlands and Europe. This focus on a broad Northern European audience sets us apart from other film festivals in the Netherlands. We also show largely different films than can be seen at other festivals. In order to continue to distinguish ourselves, we want to maintain this Nordic Focus. In addition, each edition also offers a smaller selection of films from other countries. In Slieker you can also see a diverse program with films from all over the world all year round, every day of the week.

Yes. We even have a whole program for this: Noorderkroon. Noorderkroon is the stage and competition for professional, student and amateur films by Frisian, Groningen or Drenthe makers, or films about this region. You can see both short and full-length home-grown films here.

Usually a number of films can be seen immediately after the festival in Slieker, or they come back later in the program. This depends on whether or not the film was purchased by a Dutch distributor, and on the space in Slieker’s film program (because beautiful new films are released weekly). The Dutch distributor ensures that films end up in Dutch cinemas and movie theaters.

Program booklet

We are working with our programme line Human Nature (formerly EcoCinema) to make the Noordelijk Film Festival more sustainable. One of the actions to make the festival more sustainable is to limit our printed material. This includes the programme booklet. Fortunately, you can always view the program online, and the block diagram can be downloaded! You can read more about Human Nature here.

The program can only be viewed online, the block diagram can also be downloaded. If you find it convenient, you can print it at home. We also offer a small edition of printed block schemes during the festival.

It is usually based on the texts that the producers or sales agents themselves have supplied with the film. These are translated, tightened or changed if we think this is necessary. They are always checked by the programmer who watched the movie. Of course, it remains a subjective experience, so it can always differ from how someone else experiences the film.


A rating strip up to and including 5 is common in the film and festival world. Most films are rated with stars from 1 to 5.

In order to be able to quickly provide the visitors with food between the films, we have a clear menu in Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie. If you still want to eat more extensively, there are many options in other eateries. Every year we have advantageous festival deals with various cafes and restaurants. We communicate this on the website, in our newsletter and on our social media channels.

To increase the festival atmosphere in the foyer, we Program live music. We generally only do this in the evening hours between the last two films and on weekends sometimes in the afternoon between two films. The volume is adjusted regularly, but has a lower limit.

The festival could not exist without the large group of volunteers who support us every year. The volunteers have different roles: audience supervisor, box office staff, information desk staff, operators, set-up staff and hosts at the volunteer catering. Are you interested in volunteering at the festival yourself? Keep an eye on the Volunteers page. Every year, our volunteer recruitment begins in September.

You can take advantage of this special promotion between Hotel Via Via and the Northern Film Festival soon. More information will follow