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Soviet Bus Stops

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  • Director: Kristoffer Hegnsvad
  • Subtitle: English
  • Language: English,
  • Original title: Soviet Bus Stops
  • Production countries: Denmark,
    United Kingdom,
  • Jaartal: 2022
  • Runtime 1h

Soviet Bus Stops

These bus stops in the former Soviet Union are imaginative and joyful in austere surroundings. Thus, among a few widespread, old houses, an enormous dove suddenly rises from the ground and a perpetual monotony is punctuated with colourful structures. Canadian photographer Christopher Herwig is eager to capture as many of these extraordinary bus stops as possible, before they are demolished. He is endlessly fascinated by the striking architecture and the history behind the little buildings, which seem to be a form of resistance during a time of strict regime. For this surprisingly uplifting documentary, Danish director Kristoffer Hegnsvad filmed Herwig for seven years as he travelled through former Soviet republics; from Ukraine to Uzbekistan, from Armenia to Far Eastern Siberia and all points in between. One thing is certain: after watching this documentary, you will never look at a bus stop the same way again.

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