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Geographies of Solitude

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  • Director: Jacquelyn Mills
  • Subtitle: Dutch
  • Language: English
  • Original title: Geographies of Solitude
  • Production countries: Canada
  • Jaartal: 2022
  • Runtime 1h 43min.

Geographies of Solitude

This breathtaking film takes you to an enchanting island, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where Zoe Lucas has lived in complete solitude for more than 40 years. It enchants you with beautiful images and the intimate, overwhelming sounds of nature: the gentle rustling of the grass that sounds like the murmur of a green ocean, the haunting howl of seals, and the ever-present wind.

Sable Island, located off Nova Scotia, Canada, is a small oasis inhabited by wild horses, countless birds and huge numbers of seals, and thus by Zoe. Fascinated by the magic of Sable Island, she has never left the island. She lives in devotion to island life, collecting and studying washed-up rubbish, fascinated by the infinite life cycle of everything around her.

This experimental documentary, shot on 16 mm and made using innovative eco-friendly film techniques, is a playful and reverent collaboration with nature.

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