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Leeuwarden is all about film again in early November! From 8 to 12 November, the Noordelijk Film Festival takes place, a festival week full of unique films from northern Europe. Through our school screenings, we like to introduce schoolchildren to some fine northern children’s films, to the film festival and (hopefully) to the ultimate experience of watching film in the dark on the big screen! We select a suitable film for each age group. Taking your class to the movies during the festival is more than just a fun morning. To accompany the film, we offer an appropriate digital lesson folder that allows the film to be dealt with in the classroom before and after in a fun way.

School screenings will take place during and after the festival at Stadsschouwburg de Harmonie and Slieker Film. Each school will be placed in one room per film, there will be no mixing of different schools in one room.

You can see the film programme below. You can sign up via this link.

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Viewing guide 6+

Sailor and skater Lena loses her father, a fisherman who dies at sea with two others. Rumours are circulating that her father is at the root of the accident. However, Lena believes a mysterious sea creature is the culprit. She goes to great lengths to prove the existence of the beast and her father’s innocence.

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Belgium/Netherlands, 2023, 98 minutes
Directed: Domien Huyghe / Flemish-speaking, Dutch subtitles


Viewing guide 6+

Freerunner Zeki (14) feels trapped in a luxury villa district in Istanbul, to which he moved with his father from Rotterdam. The new house is fully equipped, but is located in a compound and the doorman has been instructed not to let the children living there go outside unaccompanied. During this lonely summer holiday, Zeki seeks freedom outside the walls, where he is taken in by a group of street kids in a poor neighbourhood who make money by pickpocketing. While freerunning, he discovers the city, and befriends Kemal, a boy from the ‘varos’ (poor neighbourhood).

Netherlands, 2023, 83 minutes
Directed: Mete Gümürhan / Dutch & Turkisch-speaking, Dutch subtitles

NFF VO Programma -


Viewing guide 12+ / suitable for CLASS 4/5/6 & MBO

Could there be a way to capture something from reality on film? Countless inventors in earlier centuries dealt with this question. And yes, it could; in 1826 there was the first photograph and less than 70 years later the very first film. Since then, the development of this magical device, the photo and film camera, has gone fast. Today, we are inundated with countless (moving) images on a daily basis.

Where does this obsession with images come from? In this essayistic, critical documentary, Swedish filmmakers Axel Danielson and Maximilien Van Aertryck try to answer that question by telling the history of the camera. A lot passes by, from Leni Riefenstahl and videos of IS to staid television programmes, advertising and Instagram, with the directors focusing mainly on the fundamental relationship between humans and images. Did all this make humans better?

Denmark/Sweden, 2023, 88 minutes
Directed: Axel Danielson en Maximilien Van Aertryck / Dutch subtitles