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The Wicker Man

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  • Director: Robin Hardy
  • Subtitle: Dutch
  • Language: English
  • Original title: The Wicker Man
  • Production countries: United Kingdom
  • Jaartal: 1973
  • Runtime 1h 28min.

The Wicker Man

A classic in 4K! This year marks exactly 50 years since the British cult film The Wicker Man was released in cinemas. Especially for this anniversary, a final cut version of what has been called one of the best horror/thrillers has been restored in 4K. For fans of the genre, this is an absolute must-see.

The Wicker Man (1973) is about police inspector Howie, who travels to a small, Scottish island to investigate the disappearance of a 12-year-old girl. When he arrives on the island, the villagers seem completely unconcerned about her disappearance. The further Howie's investigation progresses, the stranger the situation becomes. He discovers rituals, freakish worship of nature, loose sexual encounters and witchcraft. So what started as a routine investigation soon turns into a terrifying nightmare.

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