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  • Director: Karoline Lyngbye
  • Subtitle: Dutch
  • Language: Danish
  • Original title: Superposition
  • Production countries: Denmark
  • Jaartal: 2023
  • Runtime 1h 45min.


Stine and Teit, two intellectual artists from Copenhagen, decide to swap their city life for the enchanting tranquillity of a remote Swedish forest. What begins as an idyllic escape soon turns into a terrifying conundrum when their son Nemo begins to doubt the identity of his own mother.

When they meet their new neighbours, they seem to have found an explanation for Nemo's behaviour, but not a reassuring one. The neighbours seem to resemble them in every detail, like twins. In a world full of confusion and distrust, the line between reality and illusion begins to blur.

But Superposition goes deeper than your average doppelgänger thriller. Director Karoline Lyngbye brings a layering that reflects on contemporary middle-class snobbery. The title of the movie denotes the combination of two similar physical phenomena that then persist simultaneously. This metaphysical exploration forces us to consider that we are never alone either unique.

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