Human Nature


  • Director: Juha Suonpää
  • Subtitle: English
  • Language: Finnish
  • Original title: Ilveskuiskaaja
  • Production countries: Finland
  • Jaartal: 2023
  • Runtime 1h 40min.

Lynx Man

In this documentary, who is the real protagonist: man or animal? Hannu, after a divorce and a serious accident, lives alone on his farm in western Finland, in a snowy area where all kinds of wild animals live. When Hannu finds a dead Eurasian lynx by the side of the road, it is like meeting an old friend: he realises that the almost extinct lynx that lived in the area in his childhood have returned. Filled with renewed vigour and zest for life, Hannu installs cameras everywhere and develops an unconventional bond with the animals. His cameras record everything, from lynx and moose to mice. As a viewer, you also get up close. Not only with the animals but also with Hannu and his eccentric way of life, for instance when he performs some primal rituals with a lynx mask on, bathing in moonlight.

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