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Blackmail met live muziek door James Whale Orchestra

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  • Director: Alfred Hitchcock
  • Subtitle: English
  • Language: English
  • Production countries: United Kingdom
  • Jaartal: 1929
  • Runtime 1h 25min.

Blackmail met live muziek door James Whale Orchestra

Hitchcock’s final silent movie and his very first sound movie, Blackmail is coming to Leeuwarden and will be performed with a newly composed music score, played live by The James Whale Orchestra + Postland Ensemble! Blackmail was one of Hitchcocks big breakthrough moments and also the movie where he first brought together the collection of elements that the public would soon begin to recognise as his trademarks.

Although most people know Hitchcock for his best known masterpieces such as Vertigo, Psycho or Rear Window , it’s often forgotten that he started as a director of silent films before the sound era began. From his earliest effort (the aptly entitled ‘Number 13’ which was never released and apparently Hitchcock preferred to forget about) Hitchcock made nine silents, the last of which was Blackmail

The movie has many of Hitchcock’s so called trademarks – the blond, the murder, the chase through a famous landmark, the cameo and many others. Together with the live performed music score, this screening will be a very special festival experience. Don't miss out!

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