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Leeuwarden is all about film again in early November! From 8 to 12 November, the Noordelijk Film Festival takes place, a festival week full of unique films from northern Europe. Through our school screenings, we like to introduce schoolchildren to some fine northern children’s films, to the film festival and (hopefully) to the ultimate experience of watching film in the dark on the big screen! We select a suitable film for each age group. Taking your class to the movies during the festival is more than just a fun morning. To accompany the film, we offer an appropriate digital lesson folder that allows the film to be dealt with in the classroom before and after in a fun way.

School screenings will take place during and after the festival at Stadsschouwburg de Harmonie and Slieker Film.

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Viewing guide 6+
Screening by arrangement, please indicate your preference on the registration form.

Klara’s farm is in trouble because nothing wants to grow. Fortunately, Albert the Pig invented a nano seed. He goes to show that on his special high-tech laboratory train, but on the journey the seed is stolen. Klara and Gavin join detective Agatha Chichester in chasing the thief.

Noorwegen, 2023, 70 minutes
Regie: Will Ashurst / Spoken in Dutch


Viewing guide 8+
Screening by arrangement, please indicate your preference on the registration form.

In the future, climate problems are solved, people live in harmony with nature and everyone has a robot as an assistant. But not everything is pefect: school is still a disaster. Especially for 12-year-old Alberte, who is ashamed of her severely outdated robot. But when Alberte gets the very latest robot model for her birthday, she becomes the most popular girl in school. However, can bonding with a robot outweigh true friendship?

Denemarken, 2022, 84 minutes
Regie: Frederik Meldal Norgaard / Spoken in Dutch

Viewing guide AL

Thursday 9 and Friday 10 November from 09:15 to about 10:45 a.m.

Mina is a sulky teenager eager to fit in at the start of a new school year. Moreover, she wants to impress E.D. Win, a young hip-hop dancer whose number of Instagram followers is far beyond his empathy. Full of self-doubt, Mina nevertheless challenges herself to enter a dance competition, a journey she begins with the support of her feisty grandmother, a source of no-nonsense wisdom whose frank advice always invites laughter. From an awkward first audition to a show number, Mina learns how to fight the demon of self-doubt.

Noorwegen, 2023, 92 minutes
Regie: Aurora Gossé / Spoken in Dutch