Friends membership

General terms and conditions

  • Only natural persons can sign up as a friend.
  • Friends membership has a duration of one year and starts from the date of registration.
  • Friends membership is valid indefinitely.
  • The friend can cancel the membership at any time at This terminates membership and direct debit authorisation for the following calendar year. Unfortunately, there can be no refund of friends’ fees already paid.
  • When completing a friends membership, the friend pays the cost of membership for the current calendar year. The membership fee will be collected by direct debit starting the following year in the second quarter.
  • If the direct debit order is reversed, the administration will contact the friend to verify the data provided and will resubmit the direct debit authorisation to the bank. If that second attempt also fails, the administration will be forced to put the membership on inactive status.
  • As a friend, you will be kept informed of news, special activities and offers for friends through the friends newsletter and occasional emails. You can, of course, unsubscribe from this at any time.
  • Friends occasionally receive mail. You can unsubscribe from this at
  • Stichting Film in Friesland / Noordelijk Film Festival has the right to change these conditions and the content of the friends membership in return. The amended terms and conditions will be announced on the website and mailed to the friends’ e-mail address known to us. These and future terms and conditions also apply to agreements already concluded.

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Tel. 058 205 0320 (general office Slieker)
Tel. 06 52103216 (Loes Havinga, friends administration)
Tel. 06 51081181 (Ali de Jong, sponsorship & relationship management)

Privacy statement
Stichting Film in Friesland / Noordelijk Film Festival would like to serve you as well as possible. In doing so, we take your privacy very seriously and treat your data with extreme care. The main focus here is that we comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations. In this privacy notice, we will let you know what kind of data we collect from you, for what purpose, how long we keep it and what your rights are. Read the entire Noordelijk Film Festival Privacy Statement here.