Bestel Ticket


  • Director: Joren Molter
  • Subtitle: None
  • Language: Dutch
  • Original title: Zomervacht
  • Production countries: The Netherlands,
  • Jaartal: 2023
  • Runtime 1h 53min.


Thirteen-year-old Brian lives with his father on an abandoned caravan site full of scrap metal. The hot, sultry days of Brian's summer are disrupted when he suddenly has to care for his big brother Lucien, who is severely mentally handicapped. The affectionate bond Brian so desires from his father, he does appear to be able to find with the care-dependent Lucien. But, how do you make the right choices when you still have so much to discover?

Zomervacht (NL) handpicks the beautiful moments from the relentless lives of its protagonists. Joren Molter's feature debut is a film adaptation of Jaap Robben's bestseller. The film has been selected as the closing film of the Netherlands Film Festival and has been nominated for four Golden Calfs. The Groningen-based Molter has won several Noorderkroon Awards in the past and his graduation film Greetings From Kropsdam (2016) was selected for 54 film festivals worldwide.

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