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The Knocking

Bestel Ticket


  • Director: Joonas Pajunen,
    Max Seeck
  • Subtitle: English
  • Language: Finnish,
  • Original title: The Knocking
  • Production countries: Finland,
  • Jaartal: 2022
  • Runtime 1h 27min.

The Knocking

The Knocking is the eerie feature debut film by Finnish directing duo Joonas Pajunen and Max Seeck, in which brother Mikko and his two sisters Maria and Matilda return to their childhood home - hidden somewhere in a deep, dark forest - fifteen years after their father's murder and their mother's disappearance. As the trio are preparing the house and estate to be sold, they are sucked back into the past. Their traumatic experiences make them realise that they do not know as much about each other as they thought.

In The Knocking, there is one real protagonist: the forest. The chilling darkness, the life and death of the trees, how the forest seems to creep closer and closer to the siblings - this is Finnish horror at its best.

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