Sold out Memmetaal


  • Director: Martin Butler
  • Subtitle: Dutch
  • Language: Aboriginal
  • Original title: Tanna
  • Production countries: Australia,
  • Jaartal: 2015
  • Runtime 1h 44min.


A forbidden love we know from Romeo and Juliet, but in one of the last remaining traditional tribes in the Pacific Ocean. Tanna, an Australian-Ni-Vanuatu drama, is part of this year's new programme Memmetaal, which draws attention to minority languages. That we sink a little further south than usual for this is hardly a punishment; the images of a paradisiacal jungle and volcanic, green surroundings are a real feast for the eyes.

The actors, all Yakel tribesmen and women, will take you from start to finish in an exciting story which is based on true events. To defuse a violent conflict between two tribes on the island of Tanna, Wawa is married off to a neighbouring tribe. But Wawa's heart has already been forgiven and refuses to put aside her love for peacekeeping. The young couple runs away, putting their lives at stake.

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