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Lagu Lagu (+ live optreden)

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  • Director: Joost Schrickx
  • Subtitle: Dutch
  • Language: Dutch,
  • Original title: Lagu Lagu
  • Production countries: The Netherlands
  • Jaartal: 2023
  • Runtime 1h 14min.

Lagu Lagu (+ live optreden)

You can still see the influence of Dutch-Moluccan history in Lagu Lagu, Joost Schrickx's latest documentary. In it, renowned jazz and pop singer Jessica Manuputty takes on the traditional lagu lagu music seventy years after the arrival of Moluccans in the Netherlands. As the granddaughter of Opa Piet, who was one of the KNIL soldiers at the time as well as being known for his musical talent, the singer consciously chooses to make her music sound traditional and sings about the longing of Moluccan people for their homeland. At the same time, she mixes her contemporary ideas with the music, creating a unique record together with producer Jett Rebel.

There is still a longing for home, a missing of traditions and a disbelief about the false promises of the past. Through the eyes of a new generation and accompanied by the artist's beautiful music, this documentary reflects on this issue.

The screening of Lagu Lagu at the Northern Film Festival will conclude with a performance by Jessica Manuputty.

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