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Graeme James

Influenced by the rich stories and musical traditions of folk, Graeme James has built up a loyal and worldwide fan base in recent years. He originates from New Zealand, but has been living in the Netherlands since 2018. During his dynamic live shows, he plays all the instruments himself as a one-man band, combining electric violin, guitar, banjo, bass, piano, baritone, ukulele, mandolin, accordion, harmonica and percussion using a loop pedal.

Inspired by the impact of the wildly changing Northern European seasons, Graeme released four seasonal EPs last year, the latest being the summery 'Field Notes on An Endless Day'. This EP explores a universal longing of the soul to feel small under the bare sky, to feel lost amongst the grandeur of the mountains and to commune with the extraordinary in the quiet beauty of the wilderness. His latest single, 'The Wild', underlines that feeling.

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