Furia (1h 30min.)

Noordse Focus


Director: Gjermund Eriksen,
Magnus Martens

Subtitle: Dutch

Language: Norwegian,

Original title: Furia

Production countries: Norway

Year: 2021


For the first time, a new international drama series will premiere at the Northern Film Festival! In cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy and Lumière Series, we present the first two episodes of the brand new Norwegian series Furia on the big screen!

Furia is an eight-episodes thriller with dark plot twists set in Norway and Germany. The series offers a mix of cutting edge undercover thriller and political drama. Two fantastic protagonists decide, driven by personal grief, to work together to break up a terrifying far-right terrorist cell. Ine Marie Willmann, known from Sonja The White Swan and the series Exit, is secret agent Ragna and Pål Sverre Hagen, who we know from films such as Kon Tiki, Beyond Sleep and also Exit, plays Asgeir, a former agent of the special service. Hagen can also be seen at this festival in the new film Diana's Wedding. In these first two episodes of Furia, you are taken to the fantastic setting of a village in a Norwegian fjord, where Ragna into her undercover operation and Asgeir has just arrived to lead a quieter life with his daughter, after escaping from the Russian underworld and taking on a new identity. Before he knows it, he's back in action...

Furia is written by Emmy-winner Gjermund Stenberg Eriksen (Mammon).

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