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Bjarke Ramsing

Bjarke Ramsing is an old acquaintance of the Northern Film Festival. In 2018, this enthusiastic Danish musician also played his beautiful songs in the foyer of De Harmonie. Songs that grab you by the throat and refuse to let go. This is something to be repeated, so come and enjoy Bjarke Ramsing's new songs!

Bjarke Ramsing had his musical upbringing in the southern countryside of Denmark. Shaping his own musical style from remnants of old American Folk, Blues and Roots music. For years he toured through Europe and overseas. Making his way by playing on street corners and in bars. Today the music have found a more steady home in the Dutch lowlands. The compositions span wide from beautiful harmonic folk ballads to more raw and upbeat acoustic rock compositions. Live Bjarke conveys a rare and subtle edge of heartfelt sincerity. With lyrics searching the mess of modern western life looking for some sort of beauty. Leaving spectators with a scent of something still raw, unpolished and true.

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13 November

De Harmonie Grote foyer