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Programme sections

The Noordelijk Film Festival is characterised by a unique international programme with a focus on the North. With its various components, the festival offers a broad programme that goes beyond film. On this page you will find all information about the 2021 programme with links to a film overview per programme section. Think of this page as your digital programme brochure!

Please note! In the context of making the festival more sustainable (see also EcoCinema), we want to limit the printed materials. Therefore, there is no physical programme booklet as before. You can find the entire programme online. We do offer the time schedule in .pdf for printing.

Northern Focus

Every year, we travel from Friesland to the most beautiful cinematic sceneries of the North: from Iceland, via Ireland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands to the Scandinavian countries and the Baltic States. The Northern focus is the main programme of the Noordelijk Film Festival, offering a strong selection of the latest international feature films and documentaries from this great northern region. Many films are imported from abroad and cannot (yet) be seen in Dutch cinemas and film theatres. This is also the reason why many films are subtitled in English.

Within the programme, you will find a unique mix of feature films; from absurd, dark or light-hearted comedy to historical, psychological or social drama, from a-typical action or crime thriller to arthouse, mystery and film noir. With the documentaries, we also sketch a nice picture of the cultural diversity within our broad Northern Europe. Be surprised, amazed and moved. Go on an adventure and discover films you would otherwise never see!

Noorderkroon (Northern Crown)

The main programme’s Northern selection shares the screen with promising and professional films of all kinds from our own region. With the Noorderkroon programme, we offer a platform and stepping stone for professional filmmakers, up-and-coming talents, students and even amateur film makers, through the screenings and the competition that hands out the Noorderkroon Awards. You can find the nominees here.

The films in this programme are all made by directors or producers who live in or come from Friesland, Groningen or Drenthe. It is also possible that the story takes place in one of these provinces. In any case, there is a strong connection with our own regional North. Many of the films in this selection will also have their premiere at the festival and filmmakers will often be present for a Q&A!


The Noordelijk Film Festival has set itself the goal of organising a greener film festival and to inform and inspire the public with new insights. The in-depth programme EcoCinema underlines this intention with a selection of seven interesting documentaries and beautiful nature films. With these films, we offer enriching insights into subjects such as climate change or a more sustainable and better use of the earth. Some of these films are also accompanied by introductions or Q&As in cooperation with local partners.

Besides the seven selected documentaries in the Ecocinema programme, our opening film Silence of The Tides and several films in the Noorderkroon and Junior programme also tell beautiful stories that tie in with this theme. These films can be recognised in the time schedule by the icon of a green leaf.


The Noordelijk Film Festival is fun for young and old. Our special Junior Programme offers a varied selection of children’s films in line with our Northern Focus. The latest children’s films from Northern Europe. All in Dutch, so accessible for the whole family! On Sunday morning there is also a delicious family brunch with film (see Film & Food Specials).

School screenings
Through school screenings, more than 2.000 primary and secondary school students come into contact with great children films from the north and with the film festival. We work together with the arts menu of Schoolkade, but also invite all other schools from our province. A suitable film is selected for each age group and free educational material is offered with each film. More information about school screenings and film education can be found here.


This year’s specials programme consists of several special events that are just a little or completely different from ‘just film’. These activities are often or presented by or organised in cooperation with¬†other parties our festival.

Think of a film quiz or an afternoon with poets and short poetry films, which can also pop up as pre-films for the main programme, but also a special film installation, a new drama series on the big screen, archive films, the 48 Hour Film Project, film & food specials and live music.