Doorgaan naar inhoud

22 October - 2021

The programme is complete!

It’s done, completed, ready to go! The programme of the Noordelijk Film Festival 2021 has been finalised. Five full days of films – and not just any films! From a poetic portrait of the Wadden Sea region (Silence of the Tides) or a blood-curdling spy thriller (The Spy) to a mystic arthouse horror (Lamb) or an intense drama about unlimited maternal love (Erna at War). Every single one of them a unique film from the North. You can find the complete programme here.

Programme brochure and festival schedule
This year, we made the sustainable choice of not printing a programme brochure. All information about the films, the programme and the locations can, of course, be found online. You can find the interactive festival schedule on the programme page via the icon at the top right. There is also a pdf of the timeschedule for print. The advantage of online: you can immediately watch the trailers! Especially for this 41st edition, we have also compiled a YouTube Playlist that you can watch here. So you can already plan your entire festival experience and make arrangements with your friends, family or other film lovers. Ticket sales start on Wednesday 3 November.

Festival locations
We will of course be back at Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie, the heart of the festival, and at our film theatre Slieker. This year, you can also find us for five days in the new Pathé in Leeuwarden, in De Koornbeurs in Franeker (on Saturday) and in De Lawei in Drachten (Friday and Saturday). Check out all the locations.

Online film programme
We’re happy the main part of this year’s festival is back to normal, meaning we can meet each other again in person and show films on the big screen! However, it is impossible to remain completely still in such an eventful year. The Noordelijk Film Festival is not entirely unchanged. We are a bit different, but familiar. This year, you can watch a small part of the film programme online (if you are in The Netherlands). So in case you are in quarantine or just live too far away, you can still enjoy the festival at home. 

About the festival programme
The Noordelijk Film Festival features a unique international main programme called Northern Focus, an extensive film expedition through a wide Northern Europe: from Iceland, through Ireland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, to the Nordic countries and the Baltic States. A large part of these films are imported by the Noordelijk Film Festival to Friesland and not otherwise released in the Netherlands. For this reason, these films have English subtitles instead of Dutch.

Ecocinema is our new program section with inspiring documentaries on topics such as climate change, nature, and a more sustainable and better use of the earth. Slieker screens all selected films from the Noorderkroon, the stage for talent from or films about our own northern region: Friesland, Groningen, and Drenthe. In the Junior programme, we have several great children’s films that are fun for the whole family and finally we have a number of Specials like the premiere of a new Norwegian series called Furia, the DialQ Filmquiz, Film & Food events, the 48 Hour Film Project, the special film installation Bergman in Uganda, live music and more.