Doorgaan naar inhoud

27 August - 2020

Noordelijk Film Festival goes on with a Drive-in-Cinema!

The Noordelijk Film Festival is scheduled for 11-15th november 2020. In order to facilitate as many people as possible at the festival in a corona-proof manner, the Drive-In-Cinema will be set up for all five days at the Wilhelminaplein.

“The Drive-in-Cinema is the perfect alternative for a festival and film experience in the time of Covid-19” says artistic director Fredau Buwalda. This old-school concept is full of nostalgic charm, yet is more relevant than ever before. It creates an intimate, safe and responsible location without taking away the unique feeling of togetherness of a large screening at a film festival.

Due to current coronavirus restrictions the seating capacity in the movie theaters, where the festival typically takes place, is significantly reduced. At Slieker, where at the moment regular films are screened, the absolute maximum of the audience is only 53 people in all three halls where over 162 usual seats were possible. The Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie will soon be able to welcome approximately 500 audience members, also spread out over 3 movie halls. The Drive-in-Cinema can compensate the lower number of visitors in a manner which simplifies a visit to the festival for even the most vulnerable to coronavirus individuals.

For the Drive-in-Cinema the NFF will arrange a screen of over 15 meters for all five days of the festival in front of the Fries Museum at the Wilhelminaplein. Almost a 100 cars will be able to fit the square with sufficient space in between each other. As the sun sets rather early in November, every evening there will be two film screenings the sound of which will be transmitted on a radio frequency straight to the cars. The preprogramme of the evenings is yet to be decided. The entry will approximately cost 25 euros per car, where you can enjoy a perfect view with two people. 

The organisation of NFF will make sure to regulate and spread out the flow of visitors from festival locations through careful planning where the beginning and end of performances never occur at the same time. The ticket sales will start at the end of October and are handled exclusively online this year. All festival locations will be equipped with appropriate safety measures to ensure the safety of visitors and the responsibility of the organisation for it. It is also crucial for the audience to adhere to the rules and act safely and responsibly. 

Drive-in 3D-animation is made by Jens Koudstaal