Doorgaan naar inhoud

11 November - 2019

Monic Hendrickx receives special award on closing day 40th Northern Film Festival

Completely surprised and moved to tears, Monic Hendrickx received the tenth Award for Special Contribution to Northern Cinema. This happened before the festive Dutch premiere of A Certain Kind of Silence.

She received the award for her special contribution to northern cinema from programmer and artistic director Fredau Buwalda. The award is an authentic compass that symbolizes the festival’s Northern focus and the special contribution that Hendrickx made to northern cinema with her Frisian interpretation of Nynke, but also with films such as De Poolse Bruid and the role she plays in the new film A Certain Kind of Silence, an international co-production between the Netherlands, Latvia and the Czech Republic. The premiere was also attended by Czech director Michal Hogenauer, co-actors Roeland Fernhout, Jacob Jutte and Genio de Groot and the producers of Circe Films.