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From 9 to 13 November 2022, at the 42nd edition of the Noordelijk Film Festival, we welcome film lovers from all over the world at familiar and new festival locations. You will of course find us again at Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie and Slieker Film, where we feel completely at home. But as of last year you can also enjoy the exceptional atmosphere of the festival at three new festival locations.

Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie

Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie

De Harmonie has long been the atmospheric festival heart of the Noordelijk Film Festival. During the five-day festival, this location offers the largest selection of films, which are screened in the Main Hall (Grote zaal) and Middenzaal. The Accent Hall (Accent zaal) serves as a location for several special events. The Arriva Foyer of the theatre is a place for socialising, recovering and recharging. In the evening, live artists take over the stage here and open up the dance floor.

Address: Ruiterskwartier 4, Leeuwarden

Slieker Film

Slieker Film is also returning this year. Throughout the year, film theatre Slieker shows the latest arthouse films, documentaries, short films and archive films. For the Noordelijk Film Festival, the film theatre is transformed into a festival location.

Address: Wilhelminaplein 92, Leeuwarden

Pathé Leeuwarden

This year for the second time, a selection of the Northern Film Festival will be shown at Pathé Leeuwarden. From Wednesday 9 November to Sunday 13 November, a varied selection of films from the festival programme will be shown here.

Address: Ruiterskwartier 6a, Leeuwarden

Neushoorn Leeuwarden


Neushoorn is the platform for culture, education, and talent development in Leeuwarden. The Film & Food programme of the festival will take place here in the Arena.

Address: Ruiterskwartier 41, Leeuwarden

Theater De Koornbeurs

De Koornbeurs is the theatre in the historic centre of Franeker. It is the second time that the Noordelijk Film Festival will be held in Franeker. The theatre normally offers a broad cultural program with cabaret, theatre, dance, (pop) music and show, but during the festival it’s all about film! De Koornbeurs will show a variety of films from the Northern Focus selection of the festival.

Address: Noord 2, Franeker

Schouwburg De Lawei

This year, De Lawei is also one of the venues for the Noordelijk Film Festival. The theatre in Drachten offers a diverse cultural and educational programme throughout the year, and during the festival film lovers can enjoy a varied selection from the festival programme. This is the second time that the Noordelijk Film Festival can also be experienced in Drachten.

Address: Laweiplein 1, Drachten