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Noorderkroon 2019

Competition for Northern filmtalent

Noorderkroon (the Northern Crown constellation or Corona Borealis) is the platform and competition for professional, student and amateur films by makers from Friesland, Groningen or Drenthe, or for films about this region. The ‘Noorderkroon’ is a small constellation in the Northern sky formed by seven visible stars. These stars symbolise the seven awards we present (provided there are sufficient submissions in each category) to our own stars: the Northern filmmakers.

What kinds of films can be submitted?

Feature-length, short fiction and documentary films by professional filmmakers, AV students and amateur filmmakers (directors and/or producers) from Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe, or films specifically about this region and with a clear connection to one of the Northern provinces, are eligible for selection. Films can be submitted in the following categories:

  •     mid-length or feature-length (> 30 min.)
  •     mid-length or feature-length documentary (> 30 min.)
  •     short film fiction (< 30 min.)
  •     short film documentary (< 30 min.)
  •     student film (< 30 min.)
  •     amateur film (< 30 min.)


Following a nominations round, the winners will be selected by a professional jury.
The seven Noorderkronen awards are presented in the categories:

  •     Best Feature
  •     Best Documentary
  •     Best Short (Fiction)
  •     Best Short (Documentary)
  •     Best Student Film
  •     Best Amateur Film
  •     Most Promising Young Talent

Want to take part?


These are the rules:

  • The director and/or producer is from Friesland, Groningen or Drenthe, or the film is specifically about the region in the north of the Netherlands made up of Friesland, Groningen and/or Drenthe.
  • The film was or is being produced in the year 2018 or 2019 and has not previously been screened at Noordelijk Film Festival. There is also a preference in the selection process for films that have not been made public online.
  • For the selection process, films should be submitted through protected online streaming (a link to Vimeo + log-in code or a private video on YouTube, for example).
  • Selected films must then be submitted at a later stage as DCP on a hard disk or USB stick. Are you not familiar with how to make a DCP? We can provide you with an easy-to-follow manual.
  • The festival reserves the right to use submitted works and publicity material to promote the film, the filmmaker and/or the festival.
  • The contact person will be informed of whether his/her film has been selected and of any nominations.
  • We will not enter into any correspondence on the selection, nominations and results of the competition.
  • Selected films will receive a maximum of 8 tickets for the screening of the film for crew/friends/family/contacts of the filmmaker(s).


We invite all of the filmmakers ahead of the festival to attend the screenings of their selected films, and where possible also to give a Q&A with the audience and other filmmakers. The screenings of the selected films will be spread through the festival and the awards will be presented to the winners from the nominated films at an awards party.

Any questions?

Send an e-mail to: